Just two non-polarity wires connection for whole system, including power supply, simple self-learning programming makes installation quicker and immediate.


Nuuon video intercom systems work for single family homes, offices, apartment buildings and residential communities. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line products at an affordable price.

With our Nuuon video intercom systems you never have to wonder who is at your front door again. Not only does it give you and your family piece of mind and extra security, you can also use our products as an in-home intercom system to communicate from room to room with our state of the art monitors. Unlike other companies, we offer a variety of styles and models for you to choose from. Our 5″ and 7″ screens make it easy to view from far away and our sturdy, durable door stations prevent vandalism.

In addition, our Nuuon 2-wire system is a good way to upgrade your existing audio intercom system to a video intercom system eliminating the hassle of re-wiring.

Another popular feature for the Nuuon 2-wire and CAT-5 system is the new state of the art AVTS monitors, equipped with audio and video recording capabilities and an easy to use touch screen. This feature is original to only our company, and provides you with additional security without the hassle of installing security cameras around your home.

All of our Nuuon video intercom systems come with manuals and wiring diagrams and are easy to install. Often, our systems are installed by the customers themselves eliminating the need and cost of contractors and electricians.





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