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Energy-efficiency & Flexibility „Enabled by EnOcean“

[1] Batteryless wireless switches control lighting and shading.
[2] Batteryless outdoor light sensors automatically match lighting to daylight.
[3] Occupancy sensor adjusts temperature and turns off lights when a room is not in use.
[4] Room temperature sensor for minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort.
[5] Climatic sensors (humidity and CO2) monitor indoor air quality.
[6] [7] Position sensors – window handle and window contact – cut out heating and air-conditioning when windows are open.
[8] Central control on a touch panel or PC/notebook.
[9] Remote monitoring and control by a mobile phone or on the Internet.



– Maintenance-free and interoperable wireless sensors
– Freely positioned products – switches on glass, stone, wood or furniture possible
– Flexible room configuration 

– Simplicity of planning and maximum flexibility through freely positioned sensors
– Interoperability of products
– Compatibility with other building automation systems (e.g. EIB/ KNX , LON, BACnet and TCP/ IP)

System Integrators/ Contractors
– Speedy and flexible installation and startup
– No wiring and no breaking into walls or ceilings
– Less noise, dust and dirt 

Investors/ Developers
– Cost benefits in installation and operation
– Flexible room configuration and simple rededication of use
– High energy savings

Facility Managers
– Less cabling through self-powered wireless sensors
– Flexibility and no maintenance
– Cost benefits in installation and operation
– Interoperable and scalable standard solution 

– Large-scale energy savings
– Enhanced comfort and convenience
– Freely positioned and retrofitted products

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